September / October Photo Challenge

First of all, let me congratulate Bruce Shapka for his winning image “Stone Road Arcade” in the May / June Photo Challenge.  

Second, apologies to Bruce.  As new executive, we thought that “what you did this summer” was an appropriate theme for the September / October competition, forgetting that it is actually up to the winner of the previous competition to choose the theme.  Bruce has graciously gone along with that idea, so here are the particulars:

The topic for our October’s Photo Challenge meeting will be “Your Best Summer Image”
Please note that entries must be shot between June 21, 2018 and September 21, 2018. We will vote for the winning image during the October 17th monthly meeting.
Please post your entry to the “Photo Challenge for October’s Meeting” Discussion Thread, under the “Discussions” banner on the Guelph Photographers Guild FlickR page. 

Bruce, and I, wish you the best of luck!

Instruction for uploading your entry to this discussion thread:

– Go to your selected photo in your Photostream in your FlickR account
– Ensure its Privacy settings allow it to be reviewed by others before
selecting it
– Click on the Share (curved arrow symbol) icon usually located around
the bottom right corner
– On the new drop-down box, click EMBED
– On the next new drop-down box, select one of the Medium-sized
options before copying the HTML address
– Paste this HTML address into the Reply To This Topic box on this
– Before posting your reply, remember to type the next photo number in
the Challenge Series plus the Title of your photo in the line above
your HTML address
John Greenwood