March Challenge

Congratulations to Rick Cleland on winning the February challenge with his image “Beautiful Landing”. His winning image is up on the main page of our website.

Go to: 

As the winner, Rick’s choice for the abbreviated March challenge is below, with slight edits from me. The details are below:

” ONE topic that I am personally drawn to, I’m sure everyone will have equal opportunity to photograph. While driving around the fabulous countryside of Ontario, there is something that my eye is always drawn to. Farm houses! Not just any farmhouses, but the ones that are typical of Ontario.

So I’m suggesting an image of a Classic Ontario styled ‘period’ home from the 1850-1940s.

There are some in towns close to the street as well as the hundreds on the rural blocks. Some are magnificently preserved and in beautiful settings, while others are not. Finding them is easy, capturing their essence from the best angle and appealing light is probably the real challenge.”

I have indicated to Rick that the one problem I see is that people / police may become suspicious if they catch you surreptitiously taking a photo of someone’s home … but there are ways around this. This might become part of your challenge!

Please note that entries must to be shot between February 20th and March 19th , the day before our next monthly meeting. We will vote for the winning image during the March 20th monthly meeting. Post your image to the comments section, February Challenge, on the GPG Flickr site. 

If you have any issues posting to the FlickR site, please send your image directly to me by email.

Good luck! 

Instructions for uploading your entry to the March Challenge discussion thread:

– Go to your selected photo in your Photostream in your Flickr account 

– Ensure its Privacy settings allow it to be reviewed by others before selecting it (Public) 

– Click on the Share (curved arrow symbol) icon usually located around the bottom right corner 
– On the new drop-down box, click EMBED 
– On the next new drop-down box, select one of the Medium-sized options before copying the HTML address 

– Paste the HTML address into the Reply To This Topic box on the March Challenge thread 

– Before posting your reply, remember to type the next photo number in the Challenge Series plus the Title of your photo in the line above your HTML address



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