October Challenge

“I hope that everyone came away with some new insight on how to make the best use of the camera you generally always have with you after Kim’s presentation. So many possibilities to create works of art using your phone!

So with that in mind I am proposing the following: I know many Guild members are anxious to see the fall colours and several of you are heading off on getaways with the idea of capturing the landscapes that can be so beautiful in early to mid-October. Hopefully there will be enough opportunity to capture some spectacular images before the next meeting.  

I am suggesting we put a little “twist” to our photos this time and utilize some techniques that Kim recommended – either phone photos using the apps available there or using the software you generally use for editing and adding textures and frames and whatever else you can conjure up to make the image something other than a “regular” photo. It actually might be fun to provide the photo as a regular image and then follow up with the edited image so we can all see what was done to change it up.”

Please note that entries must to be shot between Sept 18th and midnight Oct 15th, the day before our next monthly meeting. We will vote for the winning image during the Oct 16th monthly meeting.

It should be an interesting presentation … I have to figure out how to meld one image into a modified image and stay within a reasonable time frame. Wish me luck!!!

Please post your entries, both the original and the modified image, to this discussion thread on this page. I would strongly suggest you order your photo numbers as, for example, 1A and 1B with A being the original and B being the modified. If you have any problems with using Flickr, please forward your photos directly to me. You should all have my gmail address.

As another caution, I am looking at the Flickr site in order to update the instructions for uploading. I hope these work!

Good luck!

Instructions for uploading your entry to this discussion thread:

– Go to your selected photo in your Photostream in your Flickr account
– Ensure its Privacy settings allow it to be reviewed by others before selecting it (Public)
– Click on the Share (curved arrow symbol) icon usually located around the bottom right corner
– On the new drop-down box, click EMBED
– It appears to me that that drop down box has your HTML address highlighted in blue (?) with the medium size already chosen … forgive, somewhat colour blind, thank you genetics.
– Go to the discussion page for this month’s challenge
– Before posting your reply, remember to type the next photo number in the Challenge Series plus the Title of your photo in the line above your HTML address.
– Paste your HTML address into the Reply To This Topic box on this thread below your title and image number.


John Greenwood