December Social Challenges

December Social.

Given the December Social, the winner of the November challenge will decide on the topic for the January challenge.

I also ask that images for the Social Categories be in by Dec 15! 

For the December Social challenges this year there are five categories. Each member is allowed to submit one photo to each category. You are not allowed to submit the same photo to more than one category, i.e. a “reflection” taken in B&W cannot be submitted to both “reflection” and “B&W”, choose one. Submitted photos must have been taken within the last year. 

In order for me to sort images quickly, I ask that you name your files in the following manner:

Category initial, maker name, title. For example: B John Smith Zebra on snow

It has been a while since I have been on a PC so there might be a requirement to put underscores between the words in a filename for PC. Doesn’t seem to be required on a Mac.

Initials for categories are:

R for reflection
B for Black and White
T for Texture
N for Nature
M for Macro

Categories are:

Reflection – Your best image showing a reflection of a person, a landscape, a building. No restrictions.

Black and White – which of your images do you feel looks better, or at least as good in B&W, as in colour?

Texture – usually considered as a close up image, there are many landscape images that show texture faithfully. Use your imagination as you go through your images.

Nature – flora and fauna, plants and animals. Animals with plants might be interesting!

Macro – get close! 

Instructions for uploading your entry to the Flickr discussion thread:

– Go to your selected photo in your Photostream in your Flickr account
– Ensure its Privacy settings allow it to be reviewed by others before selecting it (Public)
– Click on the Share (curved arrow symbol) icon usually located around the bottom right corner
– On the new drop-down box, click EMBED
– It appears to me that that drop down box has your HTML address highlighted in blue (?) with the medium size already chosen … forgive, somewhat colour blind, thank you genetics.
– Go to the discussion page for this month’s challenge
– Before posting your reply, remember to type the next photo number in the Challenge Series plus the Title of your photo in the line above your HTML address.
– Paste your HTML address into the Reply To This Topic box on this thread below your title and image number.

And, as usual, if you have problems posting on Flickr, send images directly to me.


John Greenwood