Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule


Monthly Presentations

Sept 21/22Dave SandfordSharing Visuals – Stories from the Local Field

For nearly two decades, Dave traveled extensively. Then came the Pandemic and things came to a screeching halt.The collection of images and stories he will be sharing with you have come as a result. He was forced to reconnect with the local areas finding so many opportunities being reacquainted with his old haunt and the locals who inhabit it
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
October 19/22Rob StimpsonFollowing The Group Of Seven Route

Join me as I take you on a journey of the many locations the renowned Group of Seven painted. My presentation starts in Algonquin Provincial Park, then follows the Group’s migration to Algoma. I will touch on the other locations, places such as Baffin Island, where some of them painted.
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
November 16/22Vin SinghBlack and White Photography: Seeing and processing black and white images

The presentation will include an understanding of how colours translate to various shades of grey.
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre 
January 18/23Harry Cartner“To See Is a Continuing Gift”

Creating impactful photographic images is not about the equipment. It IS about seeing – seeing light, seeing compositions, and capturing what you feel in the final image.
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre 
February 15/23Marlon PorterMarlon Porter is a Mississauga based photographer and Filmmaker specializing in capturing the little moments of magic hidden within the poetry of everyday life. He is currently an Artist-In-Resident with Visual Arts Mississauga, whose work has been featured in multiple exhibits and publications, as well as been awarded in both the 2021 Smithsonian Photo Competition and the 2020 International Photography Awards.
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre 
March 15/23Chris OgonekMost photographers start thinking about going to bed once the sun goes down but some of the most interesting photos can be taken at night. Nikon’s Chris Ogonek will cover some of the basics needed to start Night Photography and will progress into different techniques to shoot the stars, and will even cover Light Painting and Timelapse techniques.
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre  
April 19/23 TBA TBA 
May 17/23 Michael BertelsenStories, Life and Struggles of the Polar Bear on Hudson Bay’s West Coast.

Professional nature photographer, guide and instructor Michael Bertelsen has spent his entire life working in the wild. Over the years Michael has been hired by some of the world’s finest wildlife photographers and film crews. Including Love Nature, National Geographic, and the BBC Films.
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre 
June 21/23 TBA TBA 
July 19/23 TBA TBA 

Please note: all scheduled presentations are subject to change.  Links for Virtual ZOOM meetings will be sent to member email addresses shortly before the event.

Monthly Workshops and Gatherings

Espresso Gatherings (2nd Wednesday of every month)
 September 14 — 2pm at Starberry Café
 October 12 — 7pm location TBA
 November 9 — 2pm at Starberry Café
December 14 — TBA
 January 11 — TBA
 February 8 — TBA
 March 8 — TBA
 April 12 — TBA
 May 10 — TBA
 June 14 — TBA
July 12 — TBA
GPG Photo Outings ( See Events page and Calendar for more details)
Our May Photo Outing is coming up!
Where: Hilton Falls Conservation Area.
May 27 — 8:30 to 11:am am — conditional on a 10 member sign-up ASAP
Cost: somewhere below $11.86 adults, and $9.32 seniors (taxes included)
Critique Sessions (4th Wednesday of every month on Zoom)
NB: There will be no December Critique between Christmas and New Year’s
August 24 — @ 7pm
September 28 — @ 7pm
October 26 — @ 7pm
November 30 — @ 7pm
January 25 — @ 7pm
February 22 — @ 7pm
March 22 — @ 7pm
April 26 — @ 7pm
May 24 — @ 7pm
June 28 — @ 7pm
July 26 — @ 7pm

Please Note: all scheduled outings are subject to change.

The Guild has regular meetings usually on the third Wednesday of the month. 7:00 PM at the
Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
683 Woolwich Street,
Guelph, ON
N1H 3Y8
Room 4.