Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule


Monthly Presentations

Date Presenter Topic Location
September 18, 2019 Kim Lawrence Phonography UNIFOR Hall
October 16th, 2019

Norm Ullock (Flickr)

Competitions & Judging, An Evening with the OCCC Judge Chair

November 20, 2019 Ray and Mary Ann Anderson (YouTube) Namibia: A Desert Adventure

Iceland: Pure and Rugged

Wonders of Asia

December 18, 2019 Guild Xmas Social (no speaker) Photo Contest Guelph Country Club
January 15, 2020 Ariel Estulin ( Photography After Dark: Night and Star Photography UNIFOR Hall
February 19, 2020 Julian & Maggie Sale (


Travel Tips UNIFOR Hall
March 18, 2020 Juris Kornets


The Art of Photographing People and Cultures UNIFOR Hall
April 15, 2020 Randy Romano ( Creating Meaningful Photographs UNIFOR Hall
May 20, 2020 Nina Kirienko


Architectural Photography and Event Photography UNIFOR Hall
June 17, 2020 Members’ Night – Video Slideshow TBD UNIFOR Hall

Please note: all scheduled presentations are subject to change.

Monthly Workshops and Gatherings

Month Planned Outing/Workshop
September Outing – September 21, 10am, Elora
October Introductory Workshop For Using your Digital CameraOctober 19, 8:30am-12pm, UNIFOR hall
November TBD
December TBD
January TBD
February Basic Composition Workshop – February 15, 8:30am-12pm, UNIFOR hall
March TBD
April TBD
June TBD

Please Note: all scheduled outings are subject to change.

UNIFOR hall is located at 611 Silvercreek Parkway N., Guelph Ontario.