2022 Members’ Presentation – March 16

On March 16th the Guelph Guild will be hosting a ‘Members’ Night’ featuring a number of member presentations. Please join us for this very special evening.

Cloud Forest to Jungle:  A November Excursion to Four Eco-Reserves of Costa Rica – Dianne Greenwood, John Greenwood and Hamish Duthie. 

Dianne, John and Hamish will be presenting images from their excursions last November to Villa Blanca, Arenal, Maquenque and Tirimbina, three ecologically focussed private reserves and one ecological research centre in Costa Rica.  The trip offered new experiences and incredible opportunities to practice and improve their skills in landscape, macro, animal and avian photography.

The Land that Never Melts”  Traversing the Akshayuk; Pass In Baffin Islands’; Auyuittuq National Park: A Photographic Presentation by  Scott Grigsby-Lehmann                              

In the summer of 2013, my wife, Mary, and I, along with eleven other adventurous souls from four countries hiked the 100 km length of Baffin Islands’ Akshayuk Pass. 

As countless herds of caribou and Inuit hunters had for thousands of years before us, we travelled south, paralleling the Owl River through a glacially carved, U-shaped valley, passed towering mountains named Asgard, Odin and Thor, peaks left behind by the carving forces of still retreating ice, and watched meltwater flow from the dwindling fragments of the last Ice Age. After crossing numerous frigid watercourses, and the Arctic Circle we reached the southern terminus of the Pass where the Weasel River flows into the brackish waters of the Pangnirtung Fjord, eventually adding its’ melted glacial ice and eroded mountain silts to the Arctic Ocean. We also feed some rather large mosquitoes.

This presentation is a photographic journal of discovery and inspiration; a visual record and interpretation of how I experienced this unique landscape. 

A trio of themes to hopefully pique your interest, by Noel Upfield.

Noel will be presenting three videos, each based on a different visual subject, in the hope that these may get you out of your comfort zone(s), to discover new and exciting photographic opportunities and challenges.

These themes include, Shadows – Working on a visual series;

Creative in-camera techniques – aka: Having Fun; and,

Photography in less-than-ideal weather, or forget the weather app.