May Club Outing

For our May outing, we are going to do something a bit different with regards to time.
The plan is to visit the Woolwich Dam and Reservoir, but at a new timeslot of 5:30 pm rather than our usual morning outings. This will allow for better light, which can give better wildlife/bird, and landscape opportunities.

So here are the details:

May 14th, with a rain date of May 21.

Woolwich Dam and Reservoir — 5:30 pm (Elmira Lions Lake Trail)
7224 Reids Woods Drive , Floradale, ON

Trail length: 7 km loop. There is one outhouse, roughly at the half-way point. Entrance to the trail and parking are free. The trail is an easy (mostly flat), well-maintained single track earthen trail encircling the Woolwich Reservoir, with bridges traversing wet areas.

There are three parking lots, but for organization it would be best to all meet at the main parking lot at 7224 Reids Woods Drive, Floradale. Once you turn in off Reid Woods Drive, you can drive all the way in to the dam. The gates close at 8pm, and be warned, your car MUST BE out of the lot before the gates are closed.
We can all meet there by the dam, between 5:15 and 5:30 pm, and walk eastward, over the dam towards the maple bush and sugar shack. There is no compulsion to finish the loop, that’s up to individual discretion. Depending on the weather, the trail can be muddy, so good boots are recommended.
(If you want to check this out, search Google maps for Woolwich Dam and Reservoir, or look at the listing for Elmira Lions Lake Trail on the All Trails app. On both you will get more descriptions as well as images posted by users.)

Suggested gear: any camera, normal, kit lens, wide angle and or short to mid zoom lenses, and or your fav birding lens; a tripod and flash may be useful.

This is a 30 min drive from Guelph. (NOTE: Road 86 is closed in Elmira) Take Elmira Rd (Road 86) north, turn right on Northfield Dr., and the first left marked roadway is Reids Woods Drive. Take Reid Woods Dr. north, past Arthur St. The entrance is on your right a bit past Canagagigue Creek. Do not park in that first small lot, continue past the gate to the main lot right beside the dam. See map link below:

Woolwich Dam and Reservoir

(519) 621-2761

Looking forward to seeing you all for another great GPG photo walk.