Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory – June 18 — 10 am.

Our June Photo outing will be to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, on June 18th at 10 am., for a 2-hour session.

This will require some quick decision making from everyone that would like to attend. We need to book tickets in advance, so have planned this for later in June. If you are interested we will need an RSVP as soon as you can. Once we have commitments from 15 members, we will then email those folks requesting an e-transfrer of the funds immediately to Michael, and we will then book those tickets. If we have more than the 15, we will book additional tickets for the next time slot (12 noon).

In order to get a block of tickets on the same day and time, we all need to jump at this opportunity right away, so that we can get a good idea of how many are interested. So, haul out your keyboard and start typing those RSVPs right away folks! Once the first 15 are on board, we’ll get an email out to them to send funds for booking.

Here are the details:

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
June 18, 2022 — 10 am to 12 noon.

Seniors (65+): $18.08 taxes in
Adults: $23.73 taxes in

Camera and flash are allowed. Absolutely no tripods or monopods.
Absolutely no photographs of visitors are allowed.
Butterflies and plants only.

Map is here: