2022 Grand Valley Image Battle Entrants


2022 Grand Valley Image Battle Entrants

The Grand Valley Image Battle (GVIB) is an open competition held every fall with invited clubs in South-Western Ontario, including the Guelph Photographers Guild. This is a club competition, not an individual competition. The 2022 competition is being hosted by the Brant Camera Club. Each club was limited to 20 submissions that hopefully included as many club members as possible. This year the GPG entered 20 images from 19 individuals. Entries were on a first come first served basis in an attempt to promote our less experienced members to participate in a friendly competition.

Judging has been completed and results will be presented by the Brant Camera Club by ZOOM on February 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM. More details will be forwarded to GPG members when these become available.

In the meantime, check out the images submitted for this year’s GVIB by our guild members! All deserve our congratulations!

Rising Sun Setting Moon – Bill Adam
Veiled View – Connie Moore
Dancing Egrets – Bruce Shapka
Rain, Forest, Recovery – Arenal – Dianne Greenwood
Freedom, Grace and Beauty – Janice Balesic
Frozen Sentinel – Gordon Carothers
Snow Highlights – Ilona Dobos
Winter Hideaway – Ian Wood
A Dancer’s Grace – John Greenwood
Keeping Watch – June Galbraith
Morning Sun Cascade – Kelly Pratt
Monarch on Butterfly Bush – Hamish Duthie
Sharing a Meal – Nancy Schmidt
Antarctic Sunset – Stuart McCannell
Steeple – Denis Roy
Summer Surprises – Judy Li
We’ll Talk in the Spring – Hersh Stemeroff
Gyr Falcon – Doug Brunton
Looking Through a Reflection – Ilona Dobos
Tao of Frog – Noel Upfield