Author: Gordon Carothers


1st In-Person Evening Espresso Gathering for 2021!

The 9th September 2021 saw seven intrepid GPG members enjoying our first in-person Evening Espresso Gathering since February 2020. The friendly staff at Robusta Café welcomed us with some of their amazing deserts and drinks.

Here’s hoping that as conditions improve, we will be able to enjoy more in-person GPG events.


2021’s Twice Monthly Espresso & Critique ZOOM Gatherings

For 2021, we are continuing with our very popular monthly pair of alternating Espresso and Critique / Espresso ZOOM Gatherings.

  • Espresso Gatherings @ 2pm (2nd Wednesday of every month):
    • January 13th.
    • February 10th.
    • March 10th.
    • April 14th.
    • May 12th.
    • June 9th.
    • July 14th.
    • August 11th.
    • September 8th.
    • October 13th.
    • November 10th.
    • December 8th.
  • Critique / Espresso Gatherings @ 7pm (4th Wednesday of every month):
    • January 27th.
    • February 24th.
    • March 24th.
    • April 28th.
    • May 26th.
    • June 23rd.
    • July 28th.
    • August 25th.
    • September 22nd.
    • October 27th.
    • November 24th.
    • December 22nd. Tentative

Invitations for each of our ZOOM Gatherings will be e-mailed to all GPG members. Each invitation will include the ZOOM Link, Meeting ID and Password.

For our Espresso Gatherings, members are invited to e-mail any discussion topics to me by midnight on the Tuesday before our gathering. I’ll e-mail this list to everyone by noon the day of the gathering so we can all see the topics in the order that I received them. The length of time we spend on each topic will depend upon the interest and participation of the group at the time.

For our Critique / Espresso Gatherings, John Greenwood will e-mail all GPG members with image submission guidelines and a link for submitting your image(s). Following our usual format of reviewing each image, constructive comments are appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help and participation.

Stay well!

Gord Carothers