Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule


Monthly Presentations

Date Presenter Topic Location
September 15, 2021 Wayne Simpson – TBD Virtual Meeting by ZOOM
October 20, 2021 TBD
November 17, 2021 Peter Baumgarten – By Path or Paddle – Photographing the Natural World Virtual Meeting by ZOOM
December 15, 2021 TBD
January 19, 2022 TBD
February 16, 2022 TBD
March 16, 2022 TBD
April 20, 2022 TBD
May 18, 2022 TBD
June 15, 2022 TBD

Please note: all scheduled presentations are subject to change.  Links for Virtual ZOOM meetings will be sent to member email addresses shortly before the event.

Monthly Workshops and Gatherings

Month Planned Outing/Workshop
September TBD
October TBD
November TBD
December TBD
January TBD
February TBD
March TBD
April TBD
June TBD

Please Note: all scheduled outings are subject to change.

UNIFOR hall is located at 611 Silvercreek Parkway N., Guelph Ontario.