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Our June Espresso Gathering will be LIVE at Arkell’s…

This Wednesday’s 2pm Espresso Gathering will be LIVE and In-Person at Arkell’s Union Market Square Café !!!

These gatherings are a great opportunity to chat and gab about anything and everything to do with photography.

For those who are interested (you know who you are 😊), the café will have their amazing, fresh out of the oven, butter tarts ready for us.

Masks are optional (but please come ready to comply with any Covid guidelines in effect at the time).

If you are interested before or after our gathering, the hiking trails of Arkell Springs, Smith Property Loop and Starkey Hill are all near-by.

Union Market Square Café is located at the intersection of Arkell Road and Watson Road South.


Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory – June 18 — 10 am.

Our June Photo outing will be to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, on June 18th at 10 am., for a 2-hour session.

This will require some quick decision making from everyone that would like to attend. We need to book tickets in advance, so have planned this for later in June. If you are interested we will need an RSVP as soon as you can. Once we have commitments from 15 members, we will then email those folks requesting an e-transfrer of the funds immediately to Michael, and we will then book those tickets. If we have more than the 15, we will book additional tickets for the next time slot (12 noon).

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Our May Espresso Gathering at Arkell’s Union Market Square…

The weather forecast for 2pm on Wednesday, the 11th of May is for Sun and temperatures in the mid-20’s. Perfect conditions for us to have an in-person Espresso Gathering at Arkell’s Union Market Square.

This will be a great opportunity to get together and gab about camera stuff and anything else.

They are looking forward to hosting us on their outside patio and will be ready with their famous fresh from the oven butter tarts.

They are located at the intersection of Arkell Road and Watson Road South and thier phone number is 519.767.0024.


Our April 13th Afternoon Espresso Gathering will be Virtual

With our latest surge in local Covid cases, we will be moving back to ZOOM for our April Afternoon Espresso Gathering on the 13th . We hope the case count will drop in time for our May Afternoon Espresso Gathering and allow us to resume in-person gatherings.

I will send the ZOOM link to all GPG members this Sunday.

Gord Carothers


2021 Grand Valley Image Battle Entrants

The Grand Valley Image Battle (GVIB) is an open competition held every fall with invited clubs in South-Western Ontario, including the Guelph Photographers Guild. The 2021 competition was hosted by the Woodstock Camera Club. Each club is limited to 18 submissions that hopefully include as many club members as possible. This year the GPG entered 18 images from 17 individuals. Entries were on a first come first served basis in an attempt to promote our less experienced members to participate in a friendly competition with the 18th image being selected from the extra submissions by the entrants.

Placement in the GVIB is based on the cumulative score of all 18 images submitted. The Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society placed first, with a score of 448.5 out of a possible 540. The Guelph Photographers Guild placed sixth out of the seven clubs participating with a score of 392.5. Disappointing, but less than 30 points separated the second and seventh place finishers.

June Galbraith was the Guild’s top finisher in this past year’s competition with her image “Gentle Sunset”. Congratulations June, well done!

Check out the images submitted for this year’s GVIB by our guild members! All deserve our congratulations!

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2022’s Twice Monthly Espresso and Critique ZOOM Gatherings

For 2022, we are continuing with our very popular monthly pair of alternating Espresso and Critique / Espresso ZOOM Gatherings.

Espresso Gatherings @ 2pm (2nd Wednesday of every month):
– January 12th.
– February 9th.
– March 9th. =>> NOW LIVE & IN-PERSON!!
– April 13th.
– May 11th.
– June 8th.
– July 13th.
– August 10th.
– September 14th.
– October 12th.
– November 9th.
– December 14th.-

Critique / Espresso Gatherings @ 7pm (4th Wednesday of every month):
– January 26th.
– February 23rd.
– March 23rd.
– April 27th.
– May 25th.
– June 22nd.
– July 27th.
– August 24th.
– September 28th.
– October 26th.
– November 23rd.
– There will be no December Critique between Christmas and New Year’s

Invitations for each of our ZOOM Gatherings will be e-mailed to all GPG members. Each invitation will include the ZOOM Link, Meeting ID and Password.

For our Espresso Gatherings, members are invited to e-mail any discussion topics to me by midnight on the Tuesday before our gathering. I’ll e-mail this list to everyone by noon the day of the gathering so we can all see the topics in the order that I received them. The length of time we spend on each topic will depend upon the interest and participation of the group at the time.

For our Critique / Espresso Gatherings, John Greenwood will e-mail all GPG members with image submission guidelines and a link for submitting your image(s). Following our usual format of reviewing each image, constructive comments are appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help and participation.

Stay well!

Gord Carothers


For Our January 26th Challenge:

Get out there and shoot! Images must be shot between now and Jan 25th, and uploaded with EXIF data to a SmugMug page that John will set up. It’d be great to see 2 images on the theme described below:

“In Your Backyard”, with lots of latitude as to what constitutes your backyard, so that those with no or small backyards can feel free to go further afield, while staying relatively local. For instance, “your backyard” could be anything in a radius of your determination, from where you are standing (to use Freeman Patterson’s idea). To further refine the mission let’s specify things that are animate or not, and not necessarily your pet.
Please note that if you have a photo for which you would like feedback, but does not fit the theme, we will be happy to include it in the session.


November photo outing

Our November outing is planned for Saturday Nov 20, 8:00 to 11:00 am. The plan is to go to the Guelph Arboretum, for some exciting nature, birds, landscape, whatever you find to get your creative juices flowing. Emphasis on the word “CREATIVE”. Feel free to get there earlier if you so desire.

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