December Social 2023 Challenge Winners


December Social 2023 Challenge Winners

Our annual Social was held on Wednesday, December 6th with an excellent turnout. Forty members and six guests attended, with 26 members, half the membership, participating in the challenges. Good eats, good conversations and many very respectable images entered into our annual friendly competitions, selected by popular choice of the polled audience. First and second place image finishers in each category are posted below. Congratulations to the winners, many thanks to all who participated. Many thanks also to those who helped put together such a successful evening!

See the images below:

Category: Reflections, Shadows, Repeated Elements.

Magical Morning – Renata Lenartowicz – First Place
Sunset Camel Ride – Hamish Duthie – Second Place
Mallard Hen Reflection – Stuart McCannell – Second Place (tie)

Category: Action

Action – Bruce Shapka – First Place
Ready to Strike – Nancy Schmidt – Second Place

Category: Special Effects in Camera

Macro – Bruce Shapka – First Place
Painted by Camera – Renata Lenartowicz – Second Place

Category: Black and White, People &/or Animals

Liverpool Call – Stuart McCannell – First Place
Soldier, Teacher, Farmer – Nancy Schmidt – Second Place

Category: Darkness

Starry Night – Renata Lenartowicz – First Place
Filamentary My Dear Edison – John Greenwood – Second Place