Author: Janice Balesic

Philip_Maher_Bio Speakers

Close Encounters with the 3rd World. Wednesday, February 16,…

Philip Maher has worked as a photojournalist and communications/media specialist working alongside such organizations as World Vision and the World Food program.  His camera work and skill as a media relations specialist has been his passport to more than 85 countries including the documentation of crises and conflicts in Afghanistan, East Timor, Somalia, Sudan, and Rwanda. Philip lives in Guelph and writes a monthly column for “Guelph Today” under “Mercy Traveler”.

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Lee Nordbye Presentation РWednesday, January 19 at 7:00 p.m.

Lee has a never-ending thirst for adventure, exploring and capturing the mountains’ bold stories. It was in 2015 when Lee got inspired to become a student of black and white landscape photography while attending a black and white portrait workshop. Lee’s passion as a photographer and business owner is the endless journey of learning and helping others learn photography. 

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